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Image – DASware connect single
Image – DASware connect single

A majority of companies desire to have a unified and centralized approach to archiving process data for long–term availability coupled with improved usability. Powerful data historians can handle terabytes of process data and can be accessed throughout an organization. Eppendorf DASware connect makes use of this by easily integrating with legacy control systems. More information

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DASware connect was designed to integrate DASbox and DASGIP systems and BioFlo/CelliGen bioprocess control stations into process control systems and legacy corporate historians. This includes but is not limited to Emerson® DeltaV™, Siemens® SIMATIC PCS 7®, ABB® 800 xA, OSIsoft® PI System and MatrikonOPC® Historian. DASware connect facilitates company-wide access to all relevant bioprocess data like set-points, process values, feed profiles, calibration and controller parameters as well as events and alarms.


  • Integration of bioreactor systems into legacy control systems and corporate historians using OPC technology
  • Interfacing with scientific software packages like LabVIEW® and MATLAB®
  • Enables, among others, the integration into: Emerson DeltaV, Siemens SIMATIC PCS 7, ABB 800xA, OSIsoft PI System, Matrikon OPC Historian